Caidian Olympics at Isles Anniversary

November 16-18 2018

About the Event

The Shire of Isles is pleased to host a weekend chock full of the best parts of war: Melees until you can’t stand up, shady camping and fighting beneath majestic oaks, dancing and a variety of classes, tournaments and archery shoots to test your skill at arms.The mainland shires of Caid invite you to join us for the first (ever?) Caidan Olympics at Isles Anniversary, the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 16-18, at Live Oak Camp. Join us in pastimes, sports, silliness, with daring and Dogskulls! Win wreaths for your deeds and honor for your shires and baronies, and then join us in a great feast and more conventional lists on Sunday morning.

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Note: This event will happen come rain or shine!


Friday November 16
Site opens at noon on Friday, plenty of time to arrive early or late and make your camp beneath the great oaks. Friday evening the hall will be available for jovial sparring and teaching of the martial arts.

Saturday November 17
Saturday, we will begin with court and opening ceremonies around 10am, followed by several sorts of contests: In honor of the ancient games, footraces with and without armor, and throwing the discus and javelin. In the community of the village square, hunkerhauser, tug of war, lawn bowling, and such games. For the warriors’ spirit, blood of heroes and archery shoots. And such is the lightheartedness of Isles that sheep, cabers, and the like often take flight. When the contests have ended, join us for a poetic feast at dusk (see below) and an evening of revelry, late into the night.
When you’re not competing, we invite you to lounge in the gallery, practice and share your crafts (we have electricity, water, and space for messy crafts!), and shop the merchants and Promissory Raffle (see below).

Sunday November 18
Sunday morning we will revive you with hot coffee and a complimentary light breakfast, before rapier and armored lists to begin at 10am, to determine the new champions of Isles. Then, as we say, pack up and get off our lawn before the site closes at 3pm.
Things to do and eat:

Saturday Evening Feast: A feast of dishes from antiquity is being planned by Lady Elisheva bat Yisrael of the Brass Lamp. Contestants for the Bard of Isles will entertain with poetry and strive for the final wreath of the day.

The feast will include:
Starter: Flatbreads, fresh and dried fruit, honey, and feta

First Course (Mesopotamia & Greece): Barley cakes and lentil soup

Second Course (Greece & Rome): Tuna wrapped in grape leaves, fresh salad, Roman sauce accompaniment (contains nuts)

Third Course (Mesopotamia): Stewed chicken “pie” in flatbreads, and Beet, Turnip, Carrot mélange

Fourth Course (Mesopotamia & Greece): Date & pistachio mersu, and small cakes

Raffle: We will raffle promissories for finely crafted goods and services by members of the Shire, ex-Isles, and friends. When you buy raffle tickets, we will tally the donations of each shire and barony and reward our most generous friends. For questions or to donate a promissory, please email

Thursday night crash space: If you need to begin Friday on the near side of downtown Caid, please contact Don Todde to inquire about hospitality in Isles. We’ll try to help.


Additional information:

Site Registration:
Site Registration: Adults $35 or $30 with SCA Membership.
Adults attending one day only will pay $20 or $15 with SCA Membership.
Children under 18 are guests of the Shire.
Feast is $12; please reserve seats by emailing
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Isles.
Merchants are welcome with their site registration, but please contact the event steward in advance.

Site Regulations:
Besides the main fire pit, all other fire pits are required to be elevated 12 inches off of the ground and fully contained
Alcohol is permitted
Dogs, etc are permitted but must be cleaned up after
Donot dump liquids on the lawns

Event Steward: Don Todde mac Donnell, (805)280-5154, or 7263 Georgetown Rd, Goleta, CA 93117.


Event Directions:

The event will be held at Live Oak Campground, 4600 CA-154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

Please note: We are unable to post signs away from the driveway off Hwy 154. If you’ve never been to the site, it can be easy to miss the driveway (especially in the dark). Live Oak Camp shares an entrance with the Rancho San Marcos golf course, but Live Oak Camp also shows up in Google Maps. Also, consider setting your trip odometer at the points noted to avoid missing the turn!

From the South and East

Take Hwy 101 North through Santa Barbara, and take the exit for Hwy 154.
Exit onto Calle Real, then turn right onto Hwy 154. Reset your odometer NOW.
Drive 16.8mi, which will take you over San Marcos Pass, then down the other side. At the very bottom of the hill (when the road starts to head slightly uphill), turn right into the driveway.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.

From the North

Take Hwy 101 South, and take the exit for Hwy 154.
Turn left onto Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd. Reset your odometer NOW.
Drive 8.6mi to the traffic circle. Continue straight through the circle to stay on Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd.
Drive 11.8mi (20.4mi total). Turn left into the driveway, just before road grades uphill.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.

From the West

Take Hwy 246 East to Hwy 154, turn right at the traffic circle.
Continue straight through the circle to stay on Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd.
Drive 11.8mi (20.4mi total). Turn left into the driveway, just before road grades uphill.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.